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"Our community deserves leadership that understands growth can only happen when we start making intentional changes where we start--in classrooms and in education. "
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Community Schools

Community Engagement

The Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP)

Wisely, the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) recognizes and mandates parental and community involvement in all aspects of their children's education. Unfortunately, our school board rooms are empty when we have public hearings on our LCAP, and it's not our parent's fault, many parents have to work more than one job or don't work a 9-5 schedule and can't afford to come to our meetings. It is in this manner, that the absence of parental and community engagement should be met with more concern and we should make our meetings as accessible as possible to ensure we tried our best at providing an opportunity for our parents and greater community to make their concerns known. 

Community Schools
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As the National Education Association (NEA) defines it, community schools “are public schools that provide services and support that fit each neighborhood’s needs, created and run by the people who know our children best—all working together.” Transitioning our schools to a Community Schools model takes our school district to another level by pushing us to provide a comprehensive learning experience that acknowledges the needs of our students beyond our campus and works with our community to ensure resources are made available and accessible to parents and students. Currently our district is working on this transition since we received a planning grant so it’s imperative that we ensure equitable outcomes with all the necessary stakeholders at the table to move this process forward.

Green New Deal for Public Schools

Most people believe that all of us, no matter where we come from, the color of our skin, or how much money we make, deserve a world class school, a good paying job and clean air and clean water. By coming together across race and across neighborhoods, we can build a different future. Together we can build on the progress we’ve made to create world class schools that nurture our kids and keep them and their teachers safe through this pandemic. We can heal the damage done to our communities from decades of pollution and power our future with clean energy made right here, all while creating thousands of good jobs and healthy neighborhoods for all our families. My Green New Deal for Centinela Valley UHSD would include the following: Installation of solar panels on Centinela Valley UHSD rooftops. A Centinela Valley UHSD partnership with LA Metro to guarantee students and school staff no-cost Metro passes until June 2025. Community schools that offer community-centered green spaces, resources for expanded family/community/youth engagement, broadened curriculum, shared decision-making, and wrap-around services. Establish a robust grant program for all K-12 educators to receive training to develop and teach climate curriculum. Incremental transition to a 100% electric bus fleet. Join us as we come together to create a Green New Deal for Centinela Valley UHSD.

School Board Transparency

Now more than ever, we need transparency in our school board. Why? Ultimately, it is the community that pays for school board policies, budgets, and decisions. We must bring our community to actively engage in the issues that impact their children's education. Parental and community engagement in oder to protect their rights and their children education is indispensable. A clear path towards this is educating our community about what a school board member is and does, many people don't know what it means to be in this seat and that knowledge is holding back our ability to empower our youth and greater community. During my time as a school board member I've asked questions that reflected the priorities of our families despite the push back, but my work isn't done. I feel as though COVID stole 2020-2022 from me and my ability to be as effective as I would like to be to help people understand the importance of this work for our kids, educators and broader community. 

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Expand Student/Educator Supports

Dual Enrollment

Our schools have amazing academies across all campuses and most recently we’ve partnered with El Camino College for Dual Enrollment. This has allowed students to continue to get ahead in figuring out what they would like to do for the rest of their lives while acquiring less debt in the process. However, the program is still very new and we need to ensure students AND educators on both ends of the program are adequately supported to ensure better learning outcomes.

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